It’s observed that way more people are renting property now
than any other time in the past 50 years. Therefore, this is the best time to
be a property owner. The multi-family real estate commercial market is
consistently on the rise with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Real estate
is seen to be an intelligent method of developing dependable tax benefit
passive income as well as equity growth to attain permanent wealth.

Most people find it difficult to begin this investments,
even as profitable as owning a rental estate property is. Here are some things
to consider which could assist in your real estate investment journey.

  • KNOW

I think every investor in real
estate has similar goals – making money. We are all trying to develop recurrent
stable flow of tax benefit income and increase equity at a more manual level.
It will be great if these investment could also offer multiple sources of
income, diversification, evade inflation and other advantages.

Now that the goal is clear, it’s
necessary to work backwards – how are you planning tomove from where you are to
where you want to be? Given the fact that everybody is different, you therefore
have to sit down and really analyze yourself. You need to make a decision if
you are going to be an active or passive investor.


Immediately you have made a choice
on investing actively or passively, deciding the kind of real estate you are
going to be investing in is the next step. There is a wide range of options;
however, the two main categories are the residential and commercial.

Commercial real estate consists of
properties like retail, industrial, storage, hospitality, office, multi-family
(resident occupied real estate), etc. On the other hand, residential real
estates are resident occupied properties such as single family homes, duplexes,
triplexes and quads.


Timing is vital in optimizing your
capital gains. For this purpose, investors usually utilize the metaphorical
clock – where the peak and bottom of the market is represented by 12 pm and 6
pm respectively. Everybody is purchasing at the “boom” stage, and you could get
a better deal when everybody is selling at the bottom of the cycle easily.

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You could definitely get multiple
sources of income through real estate investments. You could use the passive
income to get some profits (yield), or increase equity through appreciation and
mortgage payments. Therefore, it’s a blended return.

We concentrate on cash flows
because an increase in cash flow results to equity growth. Properties that
spin-off passive income are also well positioned to endure downturns in the

Unfortunately, some real estate investment
tactics are analytic in nature. We see most people purchasing low cap rates
basically in the costal markets that do not offer passive income. These investors
depend on appreciation and the approach is more risky, even though it can pay
off. Market downturns could be very dangerous for individuals who invest
analytically without cash flow. Therefore, we strongly advice that your real
estate investments tactics should involve properties that offers passive income
from the start.

Investing in real estate is proven to be an adequate method
of creating income and growing permanent wealth outside your basic job. Ensure
you use this guide to kick off your real estate investments (that is if you
have not yet started). First and foremost, you need to have complete knowledge
on yourself and if it’s better fitting as an active or passive investor –
choose to invest between commercial and residential real estate properties, and
then do your research properly.

Whatever it is you decide; ensure it delivers positive returns from the beginning.


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